Little Lists, Possible Prompts

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Everyday Inspiration, Day Two: Make a List

I’m starting with three easy lists just to get my fingers typing. I imagine these can become prompts for me for future posts.

Twelve Things I Like (Just things, not people or places; those can be other lists):

  1. Chocolate, especially Marie’s dark chocolate covered caramels or toffee
  2. Music, quite a wide variety of genres and styles, but especially anything for piano
  3. Coffee, black, brewed
  4. Books, great literature and interesting diaries or memoirs
  5. My Bed, because it is perfectly firm
  6. Quiet, my essential canvas for living
  7. Color, because colors are wondrous and because seeing them helps me feel
  8. Cats, and most animals, but especially cats
  9. Books, did I say books already? So, more books!
  10. Lipstick, because it’s fun, colorful, and creamy
  11. Sleep for rest, and for dreaming
  12. Dreams; I don’t think I could live without the healing and revelations of my dreams

Twelve Things I Like To Do:

  1. Making music; that’s my “first language”
  2. Listening to music; listening is how I navigate my world; music is the world I prefer
  3. Listening to podcasts; because I can choose the kind of words I hear
  4. Reading, mostly for pleasure
  5. Writing, mostly for therapy
  6. Thinking, because it’s how I be
  7. Dreaming, for healing
  8. Teaching; it gives me purpose
  9. Eating when it’s really good food and smells wonderful
  10. Sleeping; I seem to really need it
  11. Waking; it’s a unique part of consciousness
  12. Being clean; it’s how I feel good

Twelve Things I Want:

  1. More confidence
  2. More opportunity to travel
  3. More sense of purpose for this era of my life
  4. Better eye-health
  5. An effective plan for losing weight
  6. To regain a sense of fun
  7. More laughter in my life
  8. All my major house repairs completed
  9. House de-cluttered
  10. Home organized
  11. Learn how to do some dances
  12. Learn how to do Kintsukuroi

This quick and easy exercise was fun. It’s the “why’s” that are of most interest. I can see how creating lists like this might be a good prompt resource, especially if I’ve included a brief hint as to why I put each item on the list.

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