Leaves and light: through and on

I was supposed to “interact with a surface” with the focus on light. I started looking at a mirror reflecting the green of plants. When I couldn’t get my phone camera to sustain the degree of everything blurred just the way I wanted, I moved on to considering the light reflecting from a leaf of one of my plants.

I like this one because I like how the bright yellow-green leaves pop out from the black background. I also love the lines within the leaves, and the mirroring of shapes, the leaf behind leaf.

I’m finding I don’t have much to SAY about my photographs. I have many thoughts about them, but there really aren’t words I want to share with others ABOUT them. I just want to look through a lens, find some small thing that captivates me, and then see if I can capture that within a frame. I like to share these images with others because I want to share beauty and because I am curious to know how others see what I’ve seen.

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