Water, Which Way?

Blogging University: Photography I, Day Three: Subject is Water; Challenge is orientation – portrait or landscape?

Cohasset, St. Joe’s
Photo of photo on screen

The second photo is miserable quality. I had to take a picture of the first picture on-screen so I could get the cropping I wanted yet retain the original in my media library.

While I would tend to assume most photos of the ocean would benefit from a horizontal orientation, to accentuate the expanse, I think it’s quite obvious my original perspective was communicated successfully through a vertical orientation and only through such. That’s because the photo is as much about peeking around the rocks as it is the view of the water.

I remember when I took the photo, I had to scramble up on the boulders. But there was no resting place for my feet or seat when I found the vantage point I wanted. So I was hugging the rock with my shoulder and knee while I used both hands to take the picture. I want to naturally frame the view of the ocean with the context of the boulders. But I also wanted a sense of the height of the rocks while compelling a gaze toward the water’s horizon. I let my eye direct me at the time, and I hope the composition directs the viewers eye.

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